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What is Groupmagix ?
Groupmagix is a group based buying service. Groupmagix uses the power of collective ‘Bulk Purchase’ or ‘Group Buying’ to get the best possible deals on high value items like Property, Automobiles, Insurance, Electronics and other lifestyle products. 

How does Groupmagix manage to get such amazing deals ?
We all know that buying any product in wholesale or bulk, brings down the purchase unit cost of the product. However, most customers need to buy only retail quantity (1-2 units) of the product and have no option but to buy products at retail or MRP prices.

We negotiate bulk quantity purchase prices with developers, manufacturers, distributors etc. based on estimated quantity purchases, to get the prices much below the retail prices.   These best deals are then indicated to our site visitors and members for their consideration.

How is Groupmagix different ?

  • We present only the best product & service deals, the ones which we would buy ourselves. We believe in presenting only the best deals on our site.  No clutter, no junk.
  • ‘Experience It’ First:  We facilitate group site visits, product demos etc., so that you can get a feel of the product first, before committing the purchase.   
  • Transparent Direct Deals:  We facilitate direct deals only. The members pay directly to the developers, sellers etc. after ascertaining the product features, quality, payment terms etc.
  • Zero (0%) commissions to us:  We do not charge our members anything : no brokerages, no commissions or other service charges for site visits/product demos etc.
  • Custom and Private deals:   We can also bring you unbelievable deals on projects, location or budget of your preference, even if such deal is not featured on our site.  Simply select or indicate any project/product, group size and leave the rest to us. We use our tremendous reach to negotiate the very best rates for you, and as always we do not charge you any commissions or charges for our services.
  • Data Confidentiality: We keep your personal profile and purchases confidential, and do not directly share your data with any developers, sellers or third-parties.




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